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'The Physiology Viva'

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PayPal for Overseas Purchasers

You can purchase "The Physiology Viva" book using PayPal if purchasing from the UK or Europe. See the Payment Details page for further information. Payments can only be made in UK pounds or in Euro.

The Black Black Wiki

The Black Bank MCQ Collection is available on a Wiki site. 'Wiki' is an Hawaiian word meaning 'quick' and refers to the very quick way in which changes can be made to Web pages. The main purpose of the wiki is to allow sharing of knowledge about the questions and any related topic. Since it was launched in late September, the wiki has grown to over 3,300 "legitimate content pages".

Brisbane Primary Short Course

The course runs from Monday 22nd May to Friday 2nd June (2 weeks). Further information: Course, FAQ, Program, Accommodation, Registration.

Some useful College Links

Search Medline/Pubmed

Link to search Medline (PubMed). Searching is free. Once you have found what you want, you may be able to access full text via the College library or your State Health Department library network.

If you are working at a hospital in one of these Australian states you will be able to obtain a password for access to your Health Department library network.  (Links to some of these networks: CKN in Queensland; CIAP in NSW; CHC in Victoria or CIAO in WA ).



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